Please, vote +1 on this thread so FanaLab can have a feature for customizing pedal input curves!

Hi dear folks at Fanatec,

I'm all into the Fanatec ecosystem, with pedals, base e wheel and I truly admire the quality of your products, BUT...

It's crazy to me that many cheaper pedals in the market today have software that is able to customize the curve of their inputs so it can be non-linear and you can limit the top end so you don't lock wheels and in 2021 Fanatec doesn't allow us to do that.

When I heard about FanaLab I thought for sure that would be one of the first features available for the users, but more than one year later, this critical feature is nowhere in sight.

Please, consider adding this to your roadmap, as it would make all Fanatec pedal users out there much, MUCH more powerful and faster!

And for us users, please help vote on this thread with a "+1" reply so it can be seen by the dev team.

Thanks a lot!


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