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    Set the Scaling to 100% and it will fit.

  • Then txt will be so small I can't read it. That's not a fix. That may work to bumble through first time setup but it's not a solution. I don't have to screw around with my scaling on any other program. This driver control panel is broken.

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    As you open the driver control basically just one time after installation to update firmware and Setup everything and you dont have to open it again until the next driver installation I think it should be possible to you to set the Scaling to 100% for this 5 minutes and afterwards set it back to 125% or whatever the default value for 4K is.

    Also you could report something you think is broken in a slightly nicer way instead of being rude and call it Rookie BS. With such a tone it's usually harder to get any decent answer to your issue report.

    And btw, it's best to report issues jn the respective driver Feedback thread instead of this thread.

  • Yeah well it's after 3 am and trying to get this to work and it's annoying as hell that it is broken. Also GT DD Pro not being detected by driver. This looks like a buggy mess and not working at all. So glad I dropped about a $1000 for this.

  • If anyone else is dealing with over-scan of the driver control panel.. 250% scaling in windows works, but 300% doesn't.

    Please fix this.

  • Does NOT work on a 14' HP laptop with max resolution of 1366 x 768 (HD), and there is no option to scale screen 100%.

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    With all due respect, it's not relevant how you think I should use the software/control panel. It's relevant how I WILL use it. If I can't use it whenever I choose to because the UI doesn't allow it be available for use on my specific laptop, then that's the issue.

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    Hi all,

    I just got my CSL DD but connecting my clubstort V3 pedals Im having an issue...

    I set the brake minimum level through the driver UI but every time I shutdown the wheel I loose all my min/max pedal settings....

    Is that a known issue? I tried with driver 439 and 440.....same issue

  • On the BME even as a console user we should be able to choose the colour position of the rev leds.

    Red should be at the end three led segments and not the middle three led segments. Similar to in real cars and race dashboards as the red indicated the end of the rev range where you hit the rev limiter.

    The pedal rumble motor vibration strength, having the ability to control strength of vibration, as it's so weak but such a great function to be able to make better use of them would be excellent.

    I think on the whole the config/update software is fine simple and easy to use.

  • I just want the missing FFB in GT7 that I paid for.

    GT DD Pro (8nm) + CSL WRC Wheel + CSL Pedals w/ load cell + SQ V.1.5 shifter => PS5 + MS Win 11 - 64 bit

    Sony (?) has been 'patch slapping' my game even while unboxing Fanatec: Patch 1.1.60 IN / OUT + Patch 1.1.50 IN/OUT + Patch 1.1.30... (?!)

    I've tuned every relevant config up on Forum. My new hardware seems to ignore my FanaLab offerings. WB tests OK in Control Panel.

    GT Sport FFB is fine, however I cant tune down the heavy damper.

    Fanta sent me the GT DD Pro in Default Profile tuned for 'I-racing' and nothin' else. I think it is supposed to be plug/play for GT7 ?!

    I haven't broken up with Logitech yet...

    Thanks for letting me whine and join the Forum Family

    Paul-Mesa AZ 😎

  • GD Ich bin noch ziemlich neu bei Fanatec. Ich würde mir Fanalab, Control Panel usw. Zusammengefügt werden und auch für PS und Xbox zur Verfügung stehen. | | | | Grüs |

  • TESLA self drive mode😜...would kinda be cool tho

  • JohnJohn Member

    I agree with previous commenters on that we don't need a new UI, it's perfectly fine now.

    My biggest problem is that I can't update the drivers without a PC, which I don't have!

    So either make a MAC version, or make it possible to update the drivers via the iOS app (without having to connect the app to a PC, of course)

  • It's perfectly fine because what you get since driver 408 IS already the "new" UI ;)

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    Ah well I don't know the current UI, I have not opened it in like 2 years or so because I don't have a PC 😁 it was fine back then already. Anyway, My problem still persists, I can't update the drivers 😥

  • USE LARGER FONTS, please

  • So are suggestions now for the new 'new' UI? Or is it 'new' new UI?

  • It could upload serial numbers for product registration purposes. Half of my order does not have serial numbers registered on Fanatec site and I do not know where should I look to get them. During firmware updates the driver sees all the devices, it could read those serial numbers.

  • How should it read the Serial number? It is not reported by the base to the driver, there is no such data stored by the base.

  • are there any new on the DD+ release? I preOrdered and paid the full amount of 999€ at the 20th of october, since than silence. Would be cool when Fanatec would be cool to the peops who stands behind them, I mean who will thrust Fanatec in the situation we got now. I was one of them and I give Fanatec alot of thrust but it wouldnt be nice when Fanatec kick that with their feets :(

  • does anyone have a problem like this?



  • This has nothing to do with the "new" UI... Why did you posted that issue in THIS thread instead of either the regular driver feedback thread or in a new thread?!

    Anyway, with so little detail nobody will be able to help you...

    Its certainly best to contact the support.

    PS: you dont need to SHOUT!

  • I’m a bit worried too about the meaning of modern design.

    Usually it means to loose usability.

    Just increase the font size and keep a lot of empty areas to reduce the information available in the screen at once. But it’s modern, right?

  • Hi everyone, with the 455 drivers installed my paddle shift continues to give me this problem with the clutches after a while they start working on their own. I have already tried to reconnect it to the steering wheel and check the cables but nothing has become unusable. I'm forced to put it in analog mode to avoid having problems during driving games. who can help me?

  • This is probably the wrong place but I am at my wits end . Fanatec are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to buy from . My sim set up just won’t work it keeps disconnecting and now won’t drive I spent a small fortune and it’s just a pile of shit I have sent lots of emails which on the whole go unanswered I just don’t know what to do what they need is an engineer to travel the country and help people fix or resolve issues so with great regret I am selling my rig as I can’t get it to work properly!!!

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