1.Getting Buttkicker 2 to work with a PS5 with soundbar 2. Kinda works with headphones.

As we know we used to have an optical port on the ps4/pro. Thats no longer the case in the PS5. But the pS5 does have HDMI pass through to the monitor or tv so the optical cable can work if your tv has optical port.

  1. You will need the analog to digital converter with optical port; if you don't have this already. $20 at Amazon
  2. You will need an Optical Splitter (found on Amazon for under $20). Its one male end followed by 2 female ends.
  3. Connect the splitter to the optical port on back of the tv or monitor. Connect one of the two female ends with the buttkicker 2 and the other female end with your soundbar.
  4. Make sure your audio settings for HDMI are set for pass through or all audio.

For headphones it gets tricky. This console will bypass all audio to the headphones which shuts off access to the buttkicker2. A way around this is to set the headphones (Settings, Sound, headphones, set to chat only). Now, audio still comes through your soundbar or tv speakers to hear the background, and you should have access to chat with other gamers on the headphones. The only thing I have not tweaked is whether the audio from the soundbar is creating too much interference with the microphone for people to hear me. I haven't heard any complaints yet so I'm sticking with this set up for now.

Questions let me know.


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    IMO, you really need to go with a PC and use something like SimHub to really get anything out of it. I tried it with just an audio output and wasn't impressed at all. Once using SimHub and setting specific crossover points and vibration levels for certain events like wheel spin or tire lock, it has helped me with my driving.

  • This is for those that choose to stay console; mainly PS5. I'm a GT Sport fan and I plan to get GT7. However, I see myself running both PC and PS5 in about 6 months to a year.

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