Issues with brake pedal Clubsport V3

Hi. Got an issue with the brake pedal. The telemetry line looks like a ladder when im on and off the brakes. The step is about 10% of brake pressure. It happens both the USB and clubsport base connection. Brake perfomance kit installed. Got any ideas why it happens?


  • So what racing sim are you using? I have seen this before in iRacing with the brake force factor set to anything but 0.0. IMO, brake force factor should not be used with load cell brakes. Lubrication can also cause some similar issues but you will see erratic brake trace in all phases of braking, not just increaseing and releasing pressure.

  • Thanks for your answer. Yep it's iracing, force factor is 0.00 , pedals are well lubricated, everything is smooth. The same telemetry I've got in ACC.

  • That is interesting. Another step I took was removing the brake pedal damper, I have the V3 inverted with the brake pedal performance kit (green/green). Over time my damper had lost it's "smoothness" but in my case the "stair stepping" on the telemetry was on the release only. After removing the damper, lubricating the assembly and setting the brake force factor to 0 it's much improved. Your next step may be purchasing a new load cell to eliminate the possibility of a damaged unit. I have also noticed in MoTec for ACC there is more "stair stepping" in the data then with VRS for iRacing, not sure how the sampling rates differ from telemetry application? You might want to look at you data in another application to eliminate sampling rate issues.

    Here is what my data looked like in VRS telemetry before blue and after red.

  • I've tried everything, even new loadcell, the problem is still there

  • Hi Vitaly!

    I have the same problem with my pedals as well. Have you fixed that problem out?

  • Hi. No, nothing helped. Fanatec support told me to upgrade the firmware, than reccomended me to change the loadcell - that also didn't help. The problem is that it was my second set of v3 pedals. Now I'm waiting for HE Ultimate.

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    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with the same problem.

    I attach the screenshot of Motec with iracing data.

    I have installed the latest 365 drivers, updated firmware and still have the same problem. Instead of having 4096 steps, it looks like it's 255 like the potentiometers.

    We can only wait and they give us a solution.


  • hello someone knows where the load cells of the v3 are obtained, I can't get them anywhere and fanatec doesn't answer the mail

  • hello someone knows where the load cells of the v3 are obtained, I do not get them anywhere and fanatec does not answer the mail

  • I'm having the exact same problem, did someone found a solution? Especially when applying pressure.

    Thank you.

  • I'd like to add, even though this is technically ancient, that I am also experiencing the same issue. Is there any solution yet?

  • Same issue for me

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    Hi guys, yesterday I had my first coaching session... and the coach pointed out this issue!

    Did anyone manage to find a solution?

    I'm glad it's no a defected unit but looks more like a bug... Have you guys tried to get if it's related to the strenght of the brake pression? I'm at 50%, I like a softer brake, and I was wonder if that setting dramatically halved the accurancy of the readings.

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