ok now im annoyed.... anyone seen the sick Ferrarri F1 wheel Thrustmasters came out with? And all the buttons and lights work with console. imagine that.....


  • anyone want to buy some slightly used fanatec gear? lol

  • Yes it looks great & I'm very tempted to go Thrustmaster just for this.

    Hopefully Fanatec will bring out something similar instead of endless variants of very similar wheels.

  • Anyone knows how I can make that TM FERRARI wheel to work with Fanatec DD1 base? This SF1000 wheel is just sick and price tag really affordable to what is offering.

  • Can't imagine it would fare too well on a DD base, isnt it just plastic?

    I had the original Ferrari rim on my old t500 and it used to creak from time to time on that. Do t think it would hold up too well on a base with 3 or 4 times the power.

    I think 2 or 3 of the encoders on the front are just for show as well?

    I would rather have fanatecs quality than thrustmasters shiny new toy that is not built for the more powerful wheel bases.

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    The TM SF1000 wheel uses a real carbon plate and ALL Buttons and Encoders work. Before making such statements I would better inform about the wheel properly ;-) And yes, normally I fully defend Fanatec but this time Thrustmaster just made an extremely decent wheel for a very competitive price, nothing to say against.

  • My bad, I did see an image of mapping and it showed 3 or 4 of the encoders were not mapped so I assumed they were fake encoders like on the original F1 rim.

    Maybe fanatec have something to aim for now with extra encoders and a larger display on a formula type rim.

  • Are we sure about all the buttons working on consoles (specifically Xbox consoles)? The first thing I read seemed to imply this but a further piece I read made it sound like it was just the display screen that would work with consoles and even then Xbox users will have to configure the screen via config software running on a PC (so it might be using the Xbox data broadcast capabilities like using SimDash on a tablet today).

  • The TM SF1000 wheel is sick, and the price is great!! All buttons and encoders are mappable, plus that display is pure magic, all that info that can be displayed about the car systems, tires, etc. I'll stick with Fanatec for now....Come on Fanatec PLEASE don't forget about us!!😥

  • @ThomasJackermeier Do you think we'll get something similar from Fanatec in the near future? (No idea if the @ will work!)

  • Even Thomas acknowledges what a great wheel this is. Hopefully Fanatec will make something similar or an adapter to use on the new mini DD wheel? That'd be perfect 😀

  • Mine coming tomorrow from amazon france :)

    Now just have to buy a wheel base!

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