CSL Elite base repair process

After a firmware upgrade on my new "out of the box" Elite base, the unit became inoperable (bricked) when the update crashed (scare experience). It's great that Fanatec will be fixing the unit after returning it (CRM:000009600021646).

I'm grateful for the assistance and speedy receipt of the return procedures, but I do think it's possible to get it fixed more effectively. Since it is clear the issue is software related, I requested the support team consultant whether it was possible to create an alternative repair solution which will negate sending the unit back to Fanatec USA. I believe if it happened to me, it will happen again to many more people...

With available technology I believe it to be possible if we think out of the box. For one, just returning the specific component being a PC board, will go a long way in saving the pocket (not to mention the planet in CO2 emissions), and a online re-program better still. Despite two requests to the consultant to discuss the possibilities, I've had no reply, Will Fanatec discuss such a procedure?



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