How much CSL DD Table Clamp?

How much do u think is gonna cost the new table clamp? It looks more plastic than Clubsport clamp (60$)


  • I'm just guessing but I think it has to be less than the $60 clamp that $60 clamp is a beast, all metal, weighs nearly 10 lbs,

    This plastic one, I'm guessing 29-39.

    I'm guessing $99 for the 8nm power supply


    the prices could also be higher and then 'discounted' in a bundle - ie CSLDD+clamp+Power brick for $499

  • Im very unhappy they are choosing to sell that power supply separately...

  • who said that it will only come with standard brick on box as they might also add an option to change the brick so it will ship out with either std or boost brick in box. we all can keep talking until they have added it to their list. once there we will know what actual options we have.

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