New CSW v2.5 steering angle in AC not AUTO detecting!

Hey everyone, I recently sold my csl and got a csw v2.5 which ran perfect for an hour. I needed to navigate a menu on the Xbox and turned on the controller to do so, but it could not override the wheel. So I cut the controller off and went back to adjusting settings using the wheel. When I got back into Asetto Corsa to drive after that, the steering wheel angle no longer matches the input of the wheel in game. About half of my steering input is shown on the virtual wheel in game. Prior to connecting the controller it was auto detecting steering rotation perfectly. I have plugged back into my pc and verified everything is working properly in the properties tab, I have deleted and re installed assetto corsa, restarted the Xbox and csw v2.5 multiple times and I’m at a loss. My csl had no such issues for the brief time I owned it. I’m on driver 400 and the wheel is working properly in ACC and f12020. This issue is isolated to this one game and I’m having a hard time finding anything similar on the forums since the Auto Sen function should work on AC. Thanks for any help and take care everyone!


  • Stupid question, do you have ingame wheel(visible) rotaion set right, 900 degrees?

  • Hey no stupid questions when helping out! In fact, not stupid at all because you just solved my issue! I had looked for the Virtual wheel rotation setting last night and could not find it in the wheel settings and I found a forum post about that only being on pc. Come to find out I didn’t search hard enough and it is indeed a setting on Xbox too. Set it to 900 and it’s fixed. I wonder how Connecting the controller managed to change that setting, I’ll have to experiment some. Thanks so much for the quick reply, you nailed it.

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