Sim rig upgrade or pedal upgrade?

Hi all,

I'm at a crossroad where I have to decide to upgrade my sim rig (playseat evolution --> RockSolidRig RSR21) or my loadcells to a V3 pedalset.

Any advice? First the rig then the pedals? I'm quite fed up with the flex in my current rig.

Thanks for the advice!


  • I would go the rig update first, get that sorted then you can get heavy duty gear that won't be compromised by the rig iris on.

    I had a cheap rig that was relatively well built but it could not handle my DD1 power and it is oscillated a lot. I ended up having to brace it with some aluminium tubing and clamps.

    It was only a temporary solution until my simlab 8020 rig arrived but same with pedal plate, it used to flex with my csl elites. There was no way my Heusinkveld sprints would cope in that as you can really stomp on them.

    The rig is important because it gives you a stable base to hang all the heavy duty gear off. If you go 8020 it is very modular and you can easily add extra things to them as well. I went with the simlab P1-X and glad I did, the thing is bullet proof.

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