Problem with Electricity power (electrical leak relay) when i connect DD1 base usb on my PS5

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Hello all

Sorry if this is now the optimal place to ask about this .My problem is crazy and i lost 1 day to try some things and nothing works . i have Podium racing wheel F1 (ps4 compatible with all firmware updated ) and i play on my pc without any problems.

Yesterday i take my ps5 and when i connect the wheel on my ps5 home electricity goes down. electrical leak relay drop. i try alot of tricks i change electricity socket all and same think. i try again my wheel on my pc all works good . so after i change ps5 console with friends new one to try if ps5 have issue and again electricity drops again. so i dont know what i do now and i need if anyone have any technical /advice. Please any help is critical!

Dimitris Greece!


  • When does the problem occur?

    When you plug in the power supply to the wall socket?

    When you turn on the wheel?

    When you connect the USB plug to the PS5?

    You have to give a little more info.

  • Dimitris kalimera,

    When you say electricity goes down, you mean the main house or room fuse gets tripped from the main board?

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    Main/All house . The room fuse or any other fuse dont goes down .... only the house central leak relay (ρελέ) .

    The problem occur when i have the Wheel connected with ps5 (via usb port (i tested all ports on all 2 deferent ps5 consoles.))

    1)when connected the power sup to wall socket

    And also (test both scenario's)

    2)when i turn on the wheel .sometimes stay for 20 sec connected and drop after)

    if i dont have usb connected to ps5 all work good ( all together open the same time but disconnected )

    i try also deferent electricity lanes with different sockets and same results no any fuse goes down only the leak relay (ρελέ)

  • that is strange.

    Maybe a grounding issue with DD1 and the rig and when connected to the PS5 it works a multiplier of the issue?

    I am really scratching my head here. First time I hear that.

  • Finally i test the setup on another home and all works good . So is some problem in local house electricity network and need technician to fix it .

    so no problem on DD1 or ps5 incompatibility . all good please close topic ! thanks all for help!

  • Hi Dimitris, I believe this is the same thing happening to me at the moment and I have an electrician visiting my apartment in a couple days. Do you recall what your technician did to fix it? Are you on an “embedded network” by any chance? Some apartments use embedded networks.

    Thank you 🙏🏻

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