i had to purchase elite wheel base and wheel separately as you were out of product for ps4 starter pkg for 569$ i spent 499$ for base and pedel,, that is only 79dollars difference and i got no wheel can i please purchase wheel that comes with the 569 pkd for the 79$ difference ??? i spent over a thousand dollars and did buy f2 wheel and loadcell please help..thanks for your consideration


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    This won't happen Robert. If Fanatec would handle it this way, they could remove all bundles from their website.

    On top it would be unfair for those who pre order the bundle now to save exactly the money.

  • first I would l to thank you for responding as I have bene working at this for some time...I submitted I should say I tried on multiple occasions to purchase as ps4 pkg however after all my deliberation I could not complete transaction as items would not go in cart.so after a few days of trying I contacted your fanatec sales team and was told you had system glitch and your it dept fixed however this response from your company was after I placed order..which I could not cancel in time,, th000065014149e crm this is the number assigned to your tech response in reference to glitch..in closing I was pretty patient in trying to order ps4pkg if you research your records you will confirm that fact...im not trying to get something for free... I was hoping you had a sense of fairplay,as I did spend 1016 us dollars and I had planned to spend more in the future as well as being an outspoken advocate of your brand...this does not undermine your pkg pre orderpolicy instead displays a SENSE OF FAIRPLAY...I TRYED TO PRE ORDER..FURTHERMORE I TRYED TO ORDER EVEN AFTER NOT BEING ABLE BECAUSE OF IT ERRORS ON YOUR END....HOWEVER THAN YOU WERE OUT OF PS4 PKG...SO MY ONLY CRIME WAS NOT CONTINUE TO WAITE...WHICH NOW I REGRET …….PLEASEgive MORE CONSIDERATION to the Issue....

  • I dont really understand what you are asking. You are trying to get a wheel for $79, which is crazy because you day you have no wheel, and then you say you bought a formula wheel and have spent over $1000. If you wanted to get the package then you were perfectly able to pre-order the package and wait as everyone else is doing. It's not a lack of Fairplay on their part to try and game the system and then expect them to reward you for it.

  • If what you say is true then you should have asked Fanatec to match the price of your individual items to the price of the package before you ordered. They may have said no, but you would have tried. The choice to buy at the price you paid was yours. This is a classic case of buyers regret (you admit that above) and now trying to shift the blame.

  • Yes, there are issues with the website atm, which are being worked on, but in the end it was your choice to order all items separately, regardless of the current issues with the order process, before you even contacted the sales team.

  • FAIRPLAY I spent some time expressing my issues that I had when ordering my gear,so I would like to give The same time to update you on how fanatec addressed those issues,after further communication with the company they reviewed what had taken place and most of the problems coud be attributed to the recent pandemic,and my excitement to order my fanatec gear,to make a long story short they took valuable time out of their schedule to address my concerns,and furthermore the went the xtra mile to solve any issues,i think the main thing is I wanted to express my thanks … FURTHERMORE I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY GEAR AND I LOOK FORWARD TO MY NEXT PURCHASE WITH GREAT EXITEMENT THANKS FANATEC,,SPECIAL THANKS TO A BUSY MAN THAT TOOK TIME OUT OF HIS VERY BUSY SCHEDULE,,,

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