What multiplier preserves the most DirectInput fidelity?

I've kind of strange question, have not much hope it'll get answered, but it won't hurt to try, would love driver/firmware developer to clarify :)

My question stems from my (little) familiarity with DirectInput. DirectInput specifies magnitudes in integer 0:10000. So if you set force in game to something low, this range become 0:1000 (roughly). So, this is much smaller resolution.

So my quesition is: is there any difference between reducing force multiplier in game and reducing multiplier in Wheel preset (FOR/SPR/DPR forces). In other words, what gives higher precision:

Game 10% force, Wheel 100% FOR/SPR/DPR


Game 100% force, Wheel 10% FOR/SPR/DPR



  • You've over simplified your question. In simple terms it depends on how the game outputs its FFB signal. It is likely that at 100 in game the signal will be clipped during peaks so the overall range of forces is compressed and fidelity is lost. And if you select 100 on the base, if the game ffb signal is high for longer than the wheel can maintain peak output, the force will reduce. Try combinations and see what feels best. Theory is interesting but experience is more important.

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