Alcantara smell

Good day gentlemen. I have been using formula v2 for about half a year now. Love it, apart from the alcantara. Dont get me wrong it is grippy and such but i tend to sweat a lot, especially my palms sweat a lot. I used gloves since i started racing but even the gloves get sweaty.

After a month or so i found out that the alcantara smells so disgustingly when you use it and you get sweaty. I have tried washing it with soap, adding another layer, spraying it with a parfume. It just doesnt work and it makes me sick. Does anyone have this issue with stinky alcantara? Is there any way you can wash it to smell nicely?

thanks in advance


  • You should find something that kills the bacteria that obviously have settled and multiplied in the alcantara. So either heat (usually > 60 degrees C) or some germ-killing stuff (e.g. alcohol). With heat you have a risk of glue coming loose I think, so I would start with (pure) alcohol. Try a small patch first to see if the alcantara doesn't get damaged. Drenching it in alcohol may also affect glue negatively.

    Perhaps find some germ-killing spray, lots of that around since the pandemic.

    Soap is actually food for bacteria, so that's not going to work.

  • Yep. Not as 'intended food', but if soap deposits stay in the alcantara with bacteria present in it, the bacteria will feed on it. Soap is just long carbohydrate chains, which on microscopic level is simply food 🙂

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