Help me with my purchase of pedals


I'm planning to build up a racing setup step by step as I cannot afford to buy everything at once. I am eying at the new CLS DD base but I also have some hopes for a mediate Clubsport DD base to be announced later on. The Podium base is simply to experience for the start as I don't want to spend this amount at this point of time.

For the wheels I also wanted to wait until the new QR2 mount system is available and only invest in a system with this mounting system to be future proof and get a good product. As no wheel with this mounting system is available yet I would wait and see when these get released.

So I am thinking that it might be the best and buy into a paddle system for the first step. I would definitely need some paddlers to drive and I haven't heard of anything new and shiny coming in this regard. Or is the are Clubsport V4 version mentioned or discussed anywhere?

I have a hard time to decide between the normal Clubsport V3 and the more expensive inverted pedals. They are more expensive but if I understand correctly the pedale damper kit school be included with the inverted ones but must be purchased separately with the vanilla v3 pedals? Is this correct? As far as I understand the damper kit is a very good upgrade of the system and should be purchased anyway?

I'm a bit confused, the damper kit is listed as an accessory for the inverted pedals as well, but now I am wondering for what reason? Can it be used for the clutch as well?

And do you need the extra performance brake kit if you have invested in the damper kit?

Sorry for all the confusing questions but I hope someone can help me out?


  • The damper is not included with normal V3 pedals. The damper can be installed on both the throttle and the brake. Pretty much all your questions are subjective, and vary from person to person. Some don’t like the dampers at all, some swear by them, and have them on both. Same thing with the brake performance kit, although most people seem to purchase that.

  • If I were you I would buy nothing yet. Keep saving and when you are sure you know what you want but everything together then. Several advantages about doing it this way, you only pay postage once (Fanatec postage is expensive for single items) and you don't risk buying something early and before you can even use it an improved item gets announced - like new pedals.

    BTW - don't buy the inverted pedals solely for the damper - the damper is pretty poor quality and almost everyone agrees it does not improve the pedals at all. If you need a firmer feel the performance kit is the way to go.

    You need to wait until the QR2 is properly announce before deciding that's the way to go - it may be beyond your price point - I suspect Fanatec will treat it like a Podium product.

    And if you are already thinking that you would prefer something stronger than the CSL DD maybe just wait and keep saving to see if a Clubsport DD is announced - it definitely will be - the question is when? You might find you have saved enough for a Podium DD before it is announced.

  • Thank you for your honest advice. Yes, I agree waiting is the best option and saving as well. However, if you have money available it is often spend for other things and owning something which you plan to enjoy is a strong motivation for me to keep going. And of course, it's some sort of cheating to myself but investing a few hundred bugs several times gives me not that guilty feeling than spending over a grand on something which is pure luxury item.

    In the description for the CLS DD the compatibility to the upcoming QR2 is especially mentioned and I don't think that this will be a pure Podium exlusive boutique item in the future. That's way I am holding back.

    Anyway, talking with someone about my ideas and my thinking definitely helps me a lot to clear my mind. So thanks for your input!

  • What I mean is the cost of upgrading wheels and the existing QR to the QR2 will be Podium expensive - not limited to Podium wheelbases. The existing Clubsport wheel QR is €99, the new one is unlikely to be cheaper. Factor is the price of the new shaft, say €199 at a guess, and you are almost at the cost of the CSL DD

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