CSl Elite Wheel Base Ps4 Sold Out

Does anyone knows what's happening that CSl Elite Wheel Base + for ps there isn't available anymore ?


  • Not even Fanatec knows. It says for a couple of months now that it will be available again but it looks like it won't. When you ask fanatec directly ( fanatec EU) you only get a generic answer without a proper answer.

    Apparently the US and AUS shop don't have that problem because they become now and then new CSL elite stock. I presume that the new CSL DD complicates things even more and that for people who want to buy a PS wheel are going to have to, this way or another, wait for at least for couple of months. 😐

    It sucks, but we can't change it. Personally, I really really wanted to buy a CSL elite but i don't wan't to wait for 3 months more to buy or even "preorder" a wheel. Most likely it's going to be a TM wheel. I'm giving myself a few weeks more 😂..

  • It seems that most of fanatec´s hardware is sold out. I hope this will change soon but Corona hits production lines for every hardware.

  • my bet on the CSL Elite would be, it won't be available anymore and gets replaced by the CSL DD and it's console versions.

  • I’ll sell you mine :)

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