Cubecontrols formula-steering-wheel

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Here is an alternative wheel to the Thrustmaster F1000

Cube Controls Formula CSX 2 - Steering Wheels for Sim racers

Formula CSX 2 from Cube Controls

I looks great and has lots of customization, buuuuut it's expensive .

What do you think?


  • I think I would consider this wheel only when playing VR because it’s not the best looking wheel in my opinion but the build quality is awesome (I know someone who had this wheel, tried it once) however, not suited for people with larger hands, I was struggling with my thumbs and the top encoders and if I remember correctly there was an issue with the UGT software it needs... not sure how that ended.

    But since when this forum became a place where we are searching for Thrustmaster alternatives from other brands? 🧐

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