PLEASE HELP Fanatic elite wheel not fully connecting to wheelbase nor showing up on Fanalab!

Hey, so I spent hours figuring out how to put this set together, paid a lot and I'm really upset because while my pedals seem to show up in fanalab the wheel does not. The wheelbase (CSL elite F1 which i'm playing on PC Windows 10 64) is on but the wheel when I try to connect it as per the instructions, it does not appear to link all of the way, with the whole where the storage pin would be is only partially covered. I just want to know if this is a hardware issue and whether it is something I can fix.

Please help / give any advice, all welcome!!


  • Your wheel is not fully seated.

    Already checked the insides of the QR on both the base an steering wheel if nothing is wrong? Already tried to push a little harder to fully seat the wheel? The holes should lineup to solve your problem.

  • You most likely have a bent pin within the wheel QR that is stopping the wheel from seating properly. You may be able to bend it back - or it may snap. But check for a bent pin before you try simply pushing harder!

  • It may not be a bent pin (easy to check), but just very tight tolerancing on the QR/hub combination of rim and wheel base. Make sure you pull back the outer QR ring fully when seating the rim. Make sure that the ball bearings inside the QR can move up and down properly. Don't be afraid to use some force to get it fully seated, some QR/hub combinations take some work/force to get them connected fully. It will get better after a few seat/unseat procedures.

    But if it really does not want to get fully seated, contact Fanatec Support.

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