Wheel base Clubsport V2 smell electrical burn and don’t recognize on PC

Hi guys I bought a used hardware Clubsport V2, and when I’m playing loose all the force, then smell like a electrical burn and actually it’s not recognized by the Pc, how will need to do, for send to repair my hardware ???

could you help me, please


  • Normally when you buy a used wheel and you ask the seller for the original invoice, you transfer ownership and any remaining warranty to you as a buyer. Given that this is a CSW v2, there's probably no warranty left. Still, if you get the original invoice you should be able to register the wheel on fanatec.com and contact Support to see how they can help you.

    Reading your description, I'm afraid that you'll need to replace main PCBA in the wheel base.

  • I think even if you dont have the invoice to upload, the support still helps you but not under a warranty. So I guess if you are talking about a CSW V2 which already out of the warranty you can still register the product and ask for support to help you.

  • Yeah I guess that that's true.

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