ClubSport Handbrake is Garbage

So last March I replaced all my TM hardware with Fanatec. DD1, Clubsport V3 Pedals, two wheels, and the handbrake. By November the 1st handbrake died. Instead of RMA, I just replaced it. It was more important for me to have one that worked asap and for $130, I just ate the cost. Now the 2nd one is crapping out already!! The signal is jumping all over the place so the potentiometer is probably dying. All the other Fanatec stuff looks and feels top-notch. But this handbrake is super cheap and I'm really frustrated. I am replacing it with the Heusinkveld handbrake or something. As long as it is load cell based, eff these potentiometers. I would recommend skipping this Fanatec handbrake because its crap. Everything else is terrific though.


  • If it's like the shifter, it might be an EMI problem with the USB hub everything's connected to, or maybe something nearby emitting a magnetic field. I've seen people say they had problems with the shifter doing random things which were solved by either changing USB hubs and cables or switching from having the shifter plugged into the wheelbase to having it plugged into the PC separately via USB (which requires an adaptor, of course).

    I don't know where the fault lies exactly, and whether it's with Fanatec not shielding things properly or with third party USB stuff generating interference it shouldn't be or whatever, but that might solve things for you, if it's the same kind of thing.

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