Problems mapping wheel after updating drivers and firmware

Last night I found through fanlab that my cls motor , wheel and pedals had a firmware update. After updating I went into Iracing and had to configure my wheel. As I was going through the configuration process, my clutch was not recognized. Then as I started to map the paddle shifted and other buttons, I kept getting Dev 0 Btn 8. This started to happen on all the buttons. So far I have uninstalled drivers and installed older drivers. Still no help. If I hold down a button and click done, sometimes that will work to map that button. I still have no clutch. If I go into the fanlab everything showes up and works, just not in the Iracing game. I don't know if this is and Iracing problem or a Fanatec problem.

PC drivers 402

Wheel Base Firmware: 684

Wheel Base Motor firmware: 22

Any ideas that I can do get this working again.

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