FanaLab I was ...

...told to use, but every post talks about multiple issues. Is there a good one for Clubsport 2.5?


  • Best stable driver for CSW v2.5 is 347 which is only compatible with the old and quite buggy FanaLab version 1.12...

    You can try driver 356 which has an issue with the drift mode for CSW v2.5 but that's FanaLab 1.23 compatible which is much better than 1.12...

    Or you wait for the next driver and next FanaLab version.

  • Or don’t use it.

    If you want led use something like Fanaleds, currently works a lot better with less problems.

  • That's actually not true... FanaLab is much more advanced, even in its current beta state. Also, FanaLab offers much more than just LED stuff.

  • Off course, but it’s still a beta and that is not for everybody. For CSW you still need to use older version 1.12 because newer drivers as 347 are not really advised on that base.

    In general because it’s a beta it can crash, cause other problems, messes with your profile settings in your base when you don’t want to use Fanalabs or the game is not supported. It can lose all created profiles. One day it works and the next day it stops working for some reason. Or it crashes constantly because you use a certain car in a game that Fanalabs doesn’t like. Or it doesn’t start anymore. It looks promising but there is still a lot of work to do for a releasable version. Until then it will be a beta with beta characteristics that can cause problems.

    In most cases it is also linked to beta firmware for your base and that is really not recommended to install because of all the problems currently exists in almost every beta newer then v347. Unless you want to trouble shoot or RMA your base or wheels because of beta problems and want to take the risk.

    Using beta drivers, firmware or software is a risk and not really recommended for most.

  • My buddy has been using v356 on his CSW v2.5 with CS Formula wheel with no issues. I'm on DD1 with v356 and Porsche 918 wheel, and no issues. Both of us has done at least 30 races in iRacing with Fanalab v1.23 with no issues.

    Both of us were using v346 and/or v347 before going to v356, and neither of us had issues with those drivers before updating.

    It is after all a beta driver, and due to everyone has different systems, it can't cover every since scenario without lots of testing, so update at your own discretion.

  • interesting, I was still using 347 with my CSW2.5: maybe I will update to see what's new with a later fanalab.

    Thanks Austen

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