Temperature sensor readout and fan control for CSR/CSW bases?

I'm hoping it's possible for Fanalab to have these things in some future update.

Where I live it's 28c+ (that's 83F for us Americans) by April and when it's in the high 20s in the house, the wheelbase's fan runs 24/7 and never shuts off, no matter how long I haven't been using it. Mid to high 20s C really isn't hot enough to need the fan on when idle.

It would be nice to see the firmware's reported motor temperature and maybe have some control over when/how the fan decides to shut itself off. For one, when my house is 33C+ (we try to use the AC as little as possible) I'd like to know if/when the motor is approaching critical temperatures. I understand the firmware has it's own safety controls, but I'd like to know WHEN the base is going to reduce power or keep the fan blasting 100%

I suggest some kind of fan control and temperature reporting, instead of a blanket firmware update that could mess with perfectly fine behavior for people who live in colder areas and might not need it.


Craig M


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    This wont come, especially not for no longer supported because very old CSR line.

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