WTT: EVGA parts for Fanatec Parts

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EVGA sent us too many parts and we can't possibly use them all. Local buyers highly preferred [ Pacific Northwest, USA ].

We are looking for any/all Fanatec Bases, Hubs, Direct Drives, Pedals, Shifters, Rennsport Cockpit, etc.

Email: [email protected] or PM here but email is always best.


  • How on earth did you manage to get 2 Kingpin cards :o ?

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    I have 6 KP's in stock, and another 20+ 3090's, 100+ mid range RTX GPU's in the warehouse ;) Most are for our customer's Workstation's, Flight and Racing Sims.


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    Where are you located ?

    What country I mean :)

  • As he wrote in his post, he is in the USA.

  • So I just got a PS5 as you can see, I actually was able to order a few, but I am keeping one and already sold the other x4 for $400 and $500 to help some family and friends out. Anyway, I am a big Gran Turismo guy and need to build a GT7 Sim, so if you have any Fanatec PS5 stuff please let me know. I am ready to trade/buy right now, before GT7 comes out. I am also looking for Fanatec PC stuff. Thanks!

    Anyone want a Kingpin for HALF PRICE?? I think my cost on the last KPE was about $2500 after everything and so I will sell at cost to help you guys out. I would like to sell them BOTH for $5000 shipped tho but open to offers for the next day or two.

  • I am wanting to do a 3 monitor ultra wide setup next. What would you recommend for video card.

  • At least a 3090 though you might be able to just get away with a 3070 (you will not find a 3080) for now. Sadly, even the 3090's can't truly push 3x 1080p/1440p/4K displays at acceptable rates, with acceptable frame timings, despite what many, many simpletons will tell you. Perhaps, next cycle the 4000 series flagships will finally be able to deliver acceptable frame rates/timings. If they didn't kill off SLI I think we would all be much, much happier as even 2x 3070's would most likely be enough for 3x1080p displays.

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