DD1 and Porsche wheel no ffb on front crashes

The wheel and ffb works perfect most of the time, but if I hit something dead straight I do not feel any ffb. If I hit a wall straight on it is basically a thud. No shake, no vibration, noting. If I hit at a slight angle the ffb is perfect. It’s the same with the rear. Is this normal?


  • What sim and what settings? Most sims have pretty poor crash physics, the effort understandably is focussed on making the driving physics realistic - the aim of most sims is to not crash. What you are experiencing is probably normal - if you hit straight on their will be minimal simulated change to the cars wheels ffb, this will be more noticeable when hitting at an angle. So it's a sim issue rather than a wheel issue.

  • Sounds normal yes. I agree with Gary, if you crash completely square-on, it might not give any forces through the wheel at all. There isn't much real-time deformation simulation happening in the majority of racing games, including iRacing. They are improving their damage model but it still has limitations. The exception is BeamNG.drive, which has a true soft-body physics engine, so you might feel more variation in frontal impacts in that game.

  • Iracing introduced a safety FFB cut-off in there last season update. You can deactivate it somewhere in the app.ini but you really should not as you might hurt yourself.

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