Fanatec Clubsport V3 Throttle has free play/wobble on the top

During the last week, I started to notice that my 6 months old V3s developed some really annoying play at the beginning of the travel. So when I heel-toe when I would slightly touch the throttle pedal, I would notice about 1.5-2 millimeters of play before it would be smooth again. After some playing around noticed that this play most likely originates from the brass bushings.

Did any of you guys experience something similar and did you managed to fix this or were just told that that is a normal thing and to proceed like it isn't there?

Because I am quite disappointed by the quality of this product. And I am really starting to doubt my purchase decision. I also noticed that my QR on also 6 months old CSW 2.5 had some scratches because the O-ring supplied was faulty and too smal, so there was play that scratched my axle and QR. Should have just spent 300€ more and bought Sprints and SC Sport I guess.


  • Hi Nejc,

    There can be a small amount of side-to-side movement in the pedals. You are welcome to create a support ticket to check if what you're experiencing is normal. If you feel like it is adversely affecting the pedal input, please describe the problem in your ticket.

    The QR has a metal-on-metal connection, so it is normal to become marked/show signs of use. It is not necessarily related to the o-ring. You can also create a ticket for this to check if support is able to help here.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    I solved the majority of the play in the throttle pedals by epoxying the brass bushings to the throttle pedal and thus reducing the overall play it has because I removed the play between the pedal and the bushing. Now the pedal feels as good as new.

    The QR problem was related to the O-ring because it is meant to reduce the play that is introduced with production tolerances. Now that I replaced the o-ring with a new one that supplied with a base it feels sturdy and the play I had before even with the screw tightened is gone. (I don't care about cosmetic damage, but rubbing can increase the gap, even more, that is why I wanted it resolved).

    If any further problems arise I will contact support.

  • Hi Nejc,

    Can you post a picture of where you applied the epoxy please?


  • I applied epoxy onto the part of the bushing that makes contact with the pedal itself. Epoxy can be seen around the flange of the bushing in the photos. Also, make sure not to get any epoxy on the inner part of the bushing.

  • Thats perfect.

    Thank you!!

    I'll have to give this a try - that throttle peddle wobble was annoying my ocd

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