CSL Elite Load Cell pedals calibration issue


a family member of me has bought CSL Elite pedals with load cell kit.

After installing the software firmware (Fanatec Wheel Properties software) he mounted them on his rig and wanted to calibrate them as needed. He isn't using any Fanatec wheel base therefor they are directly conencted to PC via USB. He switch to manual calibration mode.

70-100% are to strong for him, so he wanted to lower the value to 40-50%, BUT every value under 70% won't work as the software isn't recognizing pedal input anymore.

For demonstration we did a short video.

Has anyone else the same issue?

I don't think that it can be a load cell issue because with values between 70 and 100 it is working completely fine.

We re-installed the firmware driver as well.

Clutch and Throttle is working completely fine.

Any ideas are appreciated :-)


  • Try first to set the minimum and then the maximum.

    If you are pressing the pedal and then you try to move the bar (on the left) it might conflict with the minimum you had already set and this is why it disappears and not registering the input.

  • Thanks for your swift response.

    Actually we set the minimum first without any pedal input given before we changed the max-value, but we will give it a try again.

  • ciao anche io ho problemi con le celle dei freni quella originale rimane bloccata ,quella con cella di carico non fa la regolazione

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