CSL Elite F1 Set Steering Wheel: Incredibly Tight QR System

Hey everyone,

I just received my CSL Elite F1 Set in the mail. Everything works fine except for the QR system between the wheel and the wheelbase.

Connecting the wheel requires excessive force. Removing the wheel as well, so much so that I actually hit myself in the face with the wheel once it let go. I don't think this actually has anything to do with the spring-loaded QR system itself; more so the alignment of the steel pin platform inside the Wheel's mounting point barrel.

It seems as though that inner platform that the Pins stick out of (with the 5 Allen screws in it) is ever so slightly misaligned with the barrel around it. It feels like once that platform contacts the barrel of the wheelbase it's wedged in extremely tight, requiring significant force to connect and disconnect.

Pics for reference: Is it just me or does that inner steel platform look like it's leaning ever so slightly to the 2-3 o'clock position? The second pic demonstrates the slight angle the pins are at as a result.

I submitted a ticket, but the website seemed to time out instead of confirming that my ticket was submitted. If anyone at Fanatec can confirm whether or not they received that ticket from me, that would be great. I do not want to mistakenly create another ticket for the same issue.

As for the community, has anyone else experienced this issue?


  • So, after seeing some threads about people removing the O-Ring on the wheelbase, I thought I'd give it a try. It seemed to help quite a bit. There's no actual issues with Pin alignment it seems. Just that last cm of distance to secure the wheel in place is still quite snug; a bit too snug if you ask me. I've decided to just leave the wheel attached to the base for now until I get the WRC wheel I ordered in the mail. If that wheel slides on like I expect it should, I think that might cement this as a manufacturing defect with the wheel.

    Still hoping to hear if anyone else has had issues like this.

  • Hi Justin,

    It is normal for the last part of the attachment process to require some extra force. It can become easier after a few repeated cycles of attaching and detaching. It can also help to add a small amount of silcone grease to the o-ring.

    I will send you a PM about your support ticket.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Sorry for the unrelated question, but have you had any luck with the support system? It drives me crazy, my CSL Elite wheel has cracked (the plastic under the clamp) and I cannot send any support ticket for the same reason as yourself.

  • Hi Vlad,

    I was just able to successfully submit my ticket. I have a feeling that the ticket submission web page may be timing out while we're writing up our submissions. I wrote mine in notepad so I could just copy/paste it into the submission page along with my pictures. Maybe give that a try and see what's up?

    I'm curious... As for the cracked plastic on your wheel, would you say that you've been torquing the wheel pretty hard to your desk/rig? If that's the case, I might try and avoid putting mine too tight when I mount my wheel to avoid a similar situation.

  • I had the same issue on my set and they requested I return the unit. That has been 9 days since it left my hands. I have heard nothing other than "it may take a few days" when I asked for an update. I did request that since they know it's an issue to send a unit to me first or a loaner since I certainty paid for a functioning wheel. I was told that was not possible, but making me pay for a bad one and then leaving me empty handed while they spend my money is just fine (Insert extreme sarcasm). So now I sit $700 lighter and with no wheel and grumpy. A little frustrating that we are the one's punished for their lack of a quality system. I just hope I get something back eventually.

  • This is something to be expected with tight tolerances and large wheel forces. I'd much rather deal with a strong, tight fit than something loose and sloppy (or worse, something that gets loose and sloppy over time)

    My Formula V2 behaves the same way with my QR on the CSL Elite. It can be a hassle, sure, but please let's not ask Fanatec to make it weaker.

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