TC button failure

I have had my Clubsport steering wheel V2 in my home SIM for only a month and this happened - TC button just came a part, without me even touching it! wtf? See picture. Has anyone out there had this happen? This is a brand new wheel. Maybe I got a bad batch..??


  • Contact the support and you will get a new MPS.

  • I had the button caps do this, and I have just found out today that one of my rotary switches has started to crack as well.

  • It did it on it's own is impossible to believe. This is why it is so hard for people to actually get the support they need and why Fanatec has to ask for so much proof in order to help. Everything is convered by warranty if not pay to get it fixed instead of hoping a lie will get you stuff for free. Just be honest people for f***s sake.

  • So when one of the button caps on my PBME cracked I lied to suport to get a new one? and when several cracked, I lied again and sent them to suport for examination to get new ones? and as they kept cracking I lied again and sent the whole PBME to suport for investigation? got it back and they still cracked and i contacted suport again and they say this is a problem not only i have and the problem is under investigation and they are trying to make better quality button caps then suport is lying too ??

    Please explain ??

    Or maybe apologize to OP ..

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    I bought my Fanatec on the 24 of April, already have 2 buttons cracked, other buttons keep falling, I've open a support ticket with Fanatec, waiting for a reply... Loving the wheel and pedals but not impressed with the quality of the buttons so far.

  • All 3 of mine cracked the exact same way (including the center paddle mode switch). Fortunately they haven't cracked all the way through, but it's just a matter of time. I have barely used them, so I tend to think there may have been an issue with a batch of covers. Other than that, I am loving the Formula V2 wheel and CSW 2.5 wheelbase.

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