Activate Full Torque and check status without Fanatec wheel/base display


is there a possibility how to activate (and check) the status for full torque?

With a Fanatec wheel => Look at the display and press a button

Without a Fanatec wheel => Look at the display and turn the wheel 90° to the left until the loading bar goes up

My situation:

I don´t have a Fanatec wheel AND I don´t see the display from my DD1 because my monitor is sitting lower. How can I activate/check the torque? Turning the wheel and hope that it is OK is not really a good option.

Can I see the status/loading bar in Fanalab for example or is there another possibility?

Thx in advance.


  • It's not possible to see the High Torque status anywhere else. You have to look at the DD OLED Display.

  • OK - bad news but thank you. Then I know that I don´t have to search for a possibility anymore.

    This would be a really important feature for FanaLab - I´m sure a lot of people does have this problem because they want their monitor as low as possible and then you don´t see the base at all...

  • Depends on how your base is mounted. If you mount it using the threaded holes on the side, nothing stops you from rotating it 180 degrees.

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