Rapid inputs on rotaries are ignored

Looking to see if there's a solution to this. I've got the Podium F1 wheel, and I'm finding I can't make rapid inputs with either of the thumb encoders, nor with the multi-position switches in encoder mode. It seems like there's an upper speed to how quickly the controller will send button inputs.

In my case, I'm looking at iRacing, where I want to make very rapid adjustments in certain cars many times a lap. If I spin the thumb encoders too fast, the button inputs are practically ignored, and slowing down until they are registering is too slow for my purposes. I know the game can handle faster inputs than what I'm sending - if I bind an input to space bar and mash away at that, it works just fine. But it looks like spinning too fast just causes the controller to register the button as one single press-and-hold rather than many individual clicks.

Is there some way to adjust... I guess the sensitivity? of the dials so that they'll send inputs faster and/or "hold" the button down less?


  • I believe it's set like this on purpose, primarily so that you can just flick the encoder and get 1 click of adjustment, but also so that if you hit the switch on accident or bump it up/down too many times you don't overadjust.

    Go into the Fanatec wheel properties program, not Fanalab but the one you access through the windows Game Controllers box. Check how fast you can spin the thumb encoders before the blue box stays lit instead of flashing, and compare that to how quickly iRacing registers the encoder input. Perhaps this is actually an issue with how iRacing takes the wheel input?

    But I do feel the rotaries on the formula/podium/F1 wheels definitely should be tighter/harder to spin, give you more of a feedback. Other than that they're great wheels.

  • Missed that there was a reply here.

    Moving the rotary encoder any quicker than about 0.1 seconds per notch seems to be treated as a single sustained input rather than as a series of multiple inputs. Because it's a sustained input, iRacing never actually sees the additional movements because it's a button. It saw one press, so it moved one position.

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