V3 Pedals Load Cell Bugging out from loose screws?

I have a set of V3 Inverted Pedals that have worked great for 3 years. A few days ago, the brake stopped responding correctly. When this has happened in the past i've had to re-calibrate the brake in the Pedals' Properties. This time, no matter what i did, the brake would not respond at all, or if i did get the manual calibrating to respond, it would spike all over the place like there's a short, but the gas and clutch respond fine. So i start investigating the hardware, and i find the two small screws that are on either side of the brake are BOTH loose, and will not tighten down apparently because the threads inside are plastic. I've never had to touch these screws, but i would assume that they have something to do with my brake spiking like crazy. I've included a pic of the screws i'm referring to. My Pedals are probably not in warranty, so i'm stuck at what i should do. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance


  • Does anyone at least know what these screws are for? I can't really tell because they are so short and dont seem to do anything, and i can't find any documentation online?

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