Podium Hub Sold out? New Hub Coming next?

The Fanatec website drives you crazy. I wanted to order a Podium Hub but couldn't find it. Does that mean that this hub no longer exists or what. The same with the Universal Hub, why can't you clearly say sold out! My question is will the Podium Hub be back soon?

Regards, Florian


  • I think they're coming with a new Quick Release (QR2). But it's strange that all of a sudden Podium Hub vanished along with all the steering wheels attached to it.

    Fanatec should really inform what's going on with the new QR2 and with the old hub, which I have 3 (three of them).

  • Yes they should, but seems they are not telling anything about their upcoming products on their forum.

    Only choice is wait new blog posts.

    That kind of communication with customers...

  • Strange cause still available on US Store....

  • And still in land of Oz store.

  • Guessing they're selling off existing stock.

    Hard to say for sure though, sometimes products still show in store with an out of stock message, sometimes they disappear and then reappear later when stock is back, sometimes when they disappear they have been discontinued and are gone for good. There doesn't seem to be a consistent policy, it's all a bit confusing.

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