Thank you FANATEC for excellent customer service

I recently contacted FANATEC regarding my SQ 1.5 shifter (which was just over 12 months old) selecting random gears when shifting. It's been reported on here numerous times it seems too. I had a couple of back and forth email conversations with a couple of people there, provided some short video clips highlighting the problem and an RMA for repair was organised very quickly.

I had to cancel my collection and request that it happened from a different address at short-notice which was sorted and rearranged extremely quickly.

Within 4 working days of it being received by FANATEC, I had a completely new shifter sitting on my desk ready to unbox and re-attach to my rig.

Credit where credit is due... this was absolutely spot on IMO... so wanted to say a public thank you for the service!




  • I have to add a "plus one" to this.

    This morning I reached out to Fanatec about getting a replacement potentiometer for my CSL-Elite pedal set. My original pot started spiking and I bought an aftermarket hall effect sensor set. While the HE sensors worked fine, they don't give me the same pedal range that the original pots did. So I opened a ticket just to ask how can I buy a new throttle potentiometer. I was fully expecting to wait a few days until I got a response from Fanatec, but there was an email sent to me within 20 minutes. Holy bovine!

    I quickly accepted the work order, and I am eagerly waiting for the potentiometer to arrive soon. This may be a small issue, but I really appreciate the quick response.

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