Csl Elite F1 set and XBox Serie X


I bought the CSL Elite F1 bundle last year and I thought I was covered for next gen consoles (was labelled PS/PC/Xbox)

Unfortunately I can’t manage to make the whole thing work on XBox Serie X (no issue on PS)

Tried all modes with no success (tested on Forza)

Am I doing something wrong or does this bundle just can’t work on XBox Serie X ? And if so what are my options ? A new wheel (rally wheel would work ?), the universal hub ?

Thanks for the help !


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    The wheel you bought is NOT Xbox compatible.

    The Bundle is Xbox READY, which means it gets xbox compatible with a Xbox compatible steering wheel, the F1 eSport Wheel is NOT an Xbox compatible steering wheel.

    So your options are WRC, Universal Hub for Xbox, McLaren, P1, Formula v2.

  • Crystal clear

    I’m a bit disappointed as I recall the bundle had the « XBox » label so I assumed all parts coming with it were compatible

    Are we 100% sure the WRC will work also with Serie X ? I see the F1 V2 and the McLaren on the Xbox page but not the WRC

    Many thanks for your help !

  • Indeed :)

    The wheel was not listed on the dedicated compatibility page.

    Well, I guess this is it then, I’ll go for this one

    thanks all

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