Have lost the use of the brake pedal...

.....on my CSR unit. There are no signs as to why it happened but two of the three wires have pulled away from the connector. I've tried to repair it but have only made it worse and unusable. The pedals are the ones that came with my GT3RS way back in 2011. Even though it's old, the wheel still functions perfectly and so would make a good hand-me-down for my nephew, IF I can make the pedals useful again.

As I see it, I have but a couple of things I can do:

  1. Find a new circuit board and wiring connectors with load cell. I've searched but cannot find replacements. Fanatec sells a load cell and wire combo but the online picture is different than the one that's currently installed, and so can't be sure if it would work.
  2. Re-map the clutch pedal. I've tried but, so far, no luck. If anyone knows how do this, let me know.

Thank in advance to all who are putting their mind to it!


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