Help w/ Rally Style Wheel and Static Paddles

Hi all - Looks like the Static Paddles are still available to order from Fanatec, but no deep-dish style rally wheels.

I was considering buying a Momo or Sparco or something, and attaching a Fanatec Hub and the Static Paddles.

I have the DD1.

What hub would I need to buy for that? I own 1 podium hub and 1 clubsport metal hub that came on my F1 2018 Gold Limited Edition. I see that the Podium is now out of stock...

Assuming I could get the metal clubsport hub, or podium (or wait for whatever the new successor is) - is that all I would need to attach it to a standard 6 bolt racing wheel? Attach it to the hub and install the static paddle shifters, or do they somehow attach to the wheel??? How do the Rally Shifters bolt on - do they bolt to the hub rather than the wheel, or a separate bracket?

Im confused and cant figure out where to ask Fanatec...



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