Clubsport v3 - RJ12 & USB

I use PS4 so the my Clubsport v3 pedals is connected to DD1. But as its new and as I'm making regular changes I need to manually set min/max pedal travel, which can only be done on a PC. So, is it okay to have the pedal connected to wheelbase with RJ12 and to pc with usb? I know the of the warning but it states not to connected both to 'wheelbase' at the same time, it doesn't talk about having the connection to wheelbase and PC separately at the same time. How do you'll manage? Do you actually swap the cables for each change? How to make it convenient and quick?


  • No that is not ok.

    By doing so you will destroy the PCB of the pedals.

    NEVER connect both RJ12 and USB at the same time!!!

  • Maybe it would be nice to incorporate a value in fanalab for the maximun pedal travel? adjustable also fron the steering wheel?

  • would have been nice just to be able to set min/max pedal travel from the DD/wheel screen.

    For now I'll carry on swapping the cables until I find pedal travel that suits me.

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