DD1 Base vs P1 Wheel

Hey Guys,

i´ve recently switched from Clubsport V2 Wheelbase to DD1.

My wheels are:

2019 F1 Wheel

McLaren GT3 v1

P1 Wheel

Every Whell was and is working just fine on V2 Base.

But the P1 makes some strange things. When plugin in the Wheel, the DD1 Base Display goes off. Seems like a "freeze" of DD1 Base. Turn Base Off and On again --> Same behaviour.

Sometimes Wheel is recognized from the DD1 Base but then make some other strange behaviours, see screenshots and Video.

Sometimes I see two flipped "6" and sometimes it randomly goes into Shifter Calibration Mode. Just saw that wheelbase also swiches into Xbox Mode when Shifter calibration started... And after that it shows a "0.22" in the Display ofthe Wheel see third screen....

Yes the Wheel is correctly plugged in like my 2 other working wheels. And P1 still works fine on V2 Base.


PC Driver: 402

WheelBase: 684

WheelBase Motor: 40

Any Idea, what this means and how to fix it?

Thanks in Advance

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