CSL Elite wheel base ps4 + CSL universal hub

Hi all,

it's been a while since I posted lol, but I have just purchased a CSL universal hub and the universal wheel hub rim, which I love, but I'm having a problem with the buttons on the hub. I only use the pc for my sim racing but I can't seem to be able to map buttons for back and enter/select which is a real pain when trying to play games i.e. Automobilista 2, p cars etc as I have to go back to use my mouse, this never happened when I used the ps4 rim that came with the base or the xbox rim which I bought after they worked perfectly.


  • Hi I've just realised this is in the wrong thread and I can't see anywhere to edit or delete the post, MODS could you please move this and add it to the Steering wheels thread please.

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