CSL Elite Wheel Not Centering Correctly??

Hey guys having some issues with my CSL Elite F1 bundle.

It has been working well for the last week, but all the sudden it has stopped working correctly.

Normally when I turn on the wheel it turns all the way to one side, all the way to the other and then centers itself. Now when I turn it on: it turns to one side, turns to the other, centers itself and then randomly turns to one side very quickly.

In the Fanatec drivers properties (top left side) the wheel range of motion indicator is showing a full range of motion when I turn to the left, but when I turn the wheel to the right it only goes about 30%.

I have reinstalled drivers, tried multiple games and repowered the unit multiple times. It was all working perfectly yesterday and now I am having issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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