question about callibration

Hi all,

i got myself a DD1 podium wheel F1 and V3 pedals for playstation about 2 weeks ago and i must say it is amazing.

The detail and feedback you get made me a faster driver, a week of going through the settings menu and tweaking gave me a wheel setup i really like. The last few days i was fine tuning my brake pedals but it is not yet where i want it to be.

Until now i was using automatic pedal callibration but because i will be installing brake performance kit i wanna manual callibrate them. is that possible when hooked up to the podium wheelbase? (with the manual callibration activated)

I tried the : left shifter pedal + right shifter pedal + D pad down buttons for minimum position and the up button for max position on the wheel while beeing in the tuning menu but i never get the message 'PNP' or 'PUP' when i do that. I'm on the latest drivers by the way


  • Unless im missing something, you need to click the 'min' or 'max' button on the PC when the desired brake pressure is being applied.

    You dont use the wheel buttons to calibrate the pedals

  • But i'm on ps5 , so pushing buttons on pc is impossible. The manual describes it as i said above

  • Ive never noticed that in the manual - guess ive always done it on the pc.

    Although the manual says only the throttle and clutch can be calibrated this way?

  • i checked the manual again and i have to agree with you. Only throttle and clutch can be manual calibrated through the wheel base

    brake pedal only when connected to pc. So if i calibrate my pedals when connected to pc and then plug back in my wheelbase , the manual callibration is still the way i set it up on pc?

  • You can keep the pedals connected to the wheelbase to calibrate them on the PC - as long as the pedals are ONLY connected to the wheelbase.

    I guess you can calibrate the pedals separately using USB only, but that might be a bit of a pain with cables etc - i dont know your setup to tell.

    personally, i have the pedals connected to my wheelbase. Ive calibrated everything (wheel, pedals etc) through the PC.

    I can then use my PC or PS4 and the calibration stays as i like it.

  • i used both cables on the pedals, 1 is connected to the wheelbase (rj12) and the usb cable i cable managed on my simrig to easely connect a laptop to it to update or to callibrate

    today my brake performance kit arrived, i'm curious what difference it's going to make

  • NEVER use both cables!!! it will brake the pedals!!! I hope that you use only cable at a time?

  • yes off course,when i connect the USB i unplug the RJ12 and vice versa

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