"Christmas bug" in GT5 and Midnight Club

It seems that the Porsche 911 Turbo  is no longer working with GT5:Prologue and Midnight Club: Los angeles on the PS3.

The reason is unknown but we are working with Sony on that problem and will release a firmware patch very soon or Sony comes up with a patch.

But thanks to our  club member Ed, we found a quickfix for the problem:

Set the PlayStation 3 system date to any date before the 22.12.2008 (for example 1.1.2007) and it will work fine again.

It seems that this bug is caused by a time trigger.

As soon as we have a new firmware we will release onthe support section of fanatec.com


Due to tthe holidays this can take some time.

I hope this does not happen again.


Despite that issue I want to thank  all customers and club membersHappy new year!



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