CSL Elite Pedals vs Thrusmaster T300 RS


how can i link and use my CSL Elite Pedals with my Thrusmaster T300 RS on PS3 and later on PS5 please ?

Does only one solution exist for this 2 consoles and PC ?

Thanks you !


  • You’ll have to plug them in separately in all situations.

    The pedals do have an RJ connector, but the locking tab is in a different place, the pinout is different than thrustmaster pedals, and i believe even the voltage the pedals operate at is different.

    TL:DR, you can’t plug fanatec pedals into a TM base.

  • on the electronic control box in the pedal base, you can connect a RJ connestor, or an usb cable, each on a separate plug. Just connest your pedals with an usb cable with your computer and you should be fine.

    so you can use your t 300 and the csl pedals with two different usb - cables .

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