Issues with random wheel base disconnects

This explanation may get a little lengthy so I am apologizing in advance. I purchased a used csl elite wheel base from a buddy who just upgraded to direct drive. He had no issues with anything working on his end. I, however, had an issue where randomly while playing Iracing (only game I play so no others to compare too) the wheel would randomly disconnect or switch modes.

I would hear the noise as if I had unplugged the device from the usb port, then a couple seconds later I would hear it connect again. In that time, the wheel turns sharply left and there's nothing I can do. So i thought, maybe in transferring this wheel from his house to mine something got jarred loose or went wrong. So I purchased a clubsport 2.5 wheel base. And........same issue :(. So now i don't believe it's any issue on the wheel base side of things and it has to do with a setting on my pc. It's a newer pc I built myself but I wouldn't go as far to say i'm an expert in computer building by any means.

It only seems to happen during moments of low ffb. Like waiting for the grid countdown to finish or during a caution when I'm just slowly pacing the track, never in the middle of green flag racing.

I've done a fair amount of research and have tried different usb ports (both 2.0 and 3.0), adjusted all the power management settings to uncheck the box of sending the port into "sleep" mode, and made sure I have a sufficient amount of power to each usb port. It happens only randomly and I would say I average about one instance of this per night of racing.

I'm losing my mind and quickly becoming a nuisance in leagues when my car randomly jets down the track and forces me out of race. Does anyone possibly know what step i'm missing or why I can't seem to resolve this issue. I'm at my wits end. I'm willing to give additional information if needed I just may need stepped-through some of the more technical pc stuff.

Thanks in advance!


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    I should also add...I came from a logitech g29 setup before the elite and had no issues with the logitech. Not sure that helps in any way but I figure I can't give too much information.

    I also bought and installed the load cell for the elite pedals in the middle of this. The issue happened before and after the install of the load cell so that also had no effect.

    When i switched to the new clubsport 2.5 I also swapped over to the new power supply and usb cable just to rule out any issue with the cabling.

  • Hi Tyler,

    If you look in the quick release, where the pins are located, there are 4 screws. It is possible that these are a bit loose. Try fasten them.

  • If the wheel gets disconnected shortly, check the USB connector on the wheel base to see if the cable is connected properly (try and see if lightly wiggling the connector makes it disconnect).

    Random disconnects can also happen due to poor grounding of your set-up, so make sure to check that as well.

  • Thanks for the tips! I will check into both of those things.

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