Wheel Base 2.5 will not Turn all the way to the right all of the sudden

Last Night while on Iracing I noticed my Wheel will not turn more than 90 Degrees to the Right, I got out of a race and attempted to recalibrate the wheel on both Iracing and on the system No matter what I do the wheel will not turn more than 90 degrees to the right, Even with the computer off I start the wheel up and it goes to the left fine then stop about 90 degrees to the Right then spins fast to the left and stops at about 10 o'clock?


  • I Just tried to see if the issue is computer-related and left the computer off and unplugged the base from the computer and still the same Issue

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    What do mean exactly with that it cannot turn more than 90 degrees to the right? Does it meet the hard stop on the right? You can check through the transparent top of the wheel base to see if the black ring with 'Fanatec' on it is at the end of its travel at that point.

    If this is the case, then your wheel center seems calibrated one full turn off to the right. To fix, turn on the wheel and after the autocalibration turn the wheel to the center position manually (i.e. so that it can rotate 1 1/4 rotation equally to the left and to the right) and then hit the buttons on the rim to set the wheel center to zero. After that, switch off and on the wheel and it should calibrate properly.

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