Project Cars - Podium DD1 Configuration

Hello All

Looking for some help. My simulator was all set up fine and after a Microsoft update things have gone all "Screwy". Firstly lost the ability to use three screens, however that has now been solved. Next is the wheel won't configure in the software.

When in the software, can configure all aspects of the wheels, so know it is being seen, but the wheel itself will not configure. Have run the calibration element within the software, but the turns on the wheel are not being seen. However, all the buttons within configurations are working so know the wheel is there and works. (Sorry I am using Project Cars for software). Can anyone give me any advice? All aspects of the pedals work, from calibration and assignment, same as the buttons on the wheel, just not seeing the actual movement of the wheel,

I am using a Podium DD1 and matching Fanatec pedals, within software this shows as Fanatec CSWV2 (if I am right) with separate pedals. If anyone can offer advice, would be so helpful.



  • You should start with uninstalling and reinstalling the Fanatec driver - see if that fixes things.

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