Plug/unplug power supply podium dd1


I've read a topic on facebook in regard of plug/unplug the power supply of dd1 wheelbase every time you turn on/off the wheelbase. In my opinion it doesn't make any sense and i leave always plugged my power supply to the wall with green led alway on but I would like to have an opinion from Fanatec.

Another question is about the UPS. I have my PC connceted to an UPS but I've read somewhere to non connect the podium on it beacuse it must be connected directly to a wall port. Do you confirm it?

Many Thanks in advance!!


  • It most likely makes more damage when you always unplug the power cable everytime after usage.

    There is absolutely no reason to do that.

  • If you leave the PSU plugged in, it will be drawing a small amount of power - likely less than 1 watt but I've not measured. It is better to turn it off as there is no reason to leave it on. And there is a small risk of fire with any electrical unit that is drawing power - it's a tiny risk but as there is absolutely no advantage to leaving it on - why do so?

    I also can't be bothered unplugging things so use remote controlled sockets - one button press turns off my wheel base, VR headset, trackers and monitors. There is no benefit on leaving any of these things powered up, so I don't. Plus burning unnecessary electricity by needlessly leaving stuff powered on kills polar bears - or something!

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