Are Fanatec wheels compatible with other brand wheelbases?

I'm thinking of ditching my 2 year old Fanatec DD1 next year, as a result of the ongoing unstable drivers etc and figure it may only last another year or so. I want to keep my two Fanatec wheels (Formula V2 & McLaren GT3) though, as they aren't too bad. Just curious to know if I can use these wheels on say a Simucube 2 and even the new Thrustmaster DD wheel when it arrives, which I believe will be announce before the end of the year.

The Fanatec quality is there, apart from reliability problems, but I just don't like the arrogance, the CEO's attitude of the brand and the lack of consistent driver software that doesn't meet the intended purpose.

I'm sure I'm not the only one looking to switch brands at this point.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Are those wheels compatible with other manufacturers wheelbases - no.

    Can they be modified to work by someone with skills and knowledge - yes.

    Is there info on doing this already on the web - yes.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Guy who commented already could’ve at least pointed him in the direction of sim racing machines. Check their kits out/Their send-in conversion service.

  • Thanks Riley,

    That's really interesting. I just checked out Sim Racing Machines as a result and it looks useful. With the new Thrustmaster F1 wheel, perhaps this may also be adapted for the Fanatec wheelbases. Although, I would probably purchase the Thrustmaster DD wheelbase when it's released. Good option though for those with a Fanatec wheelbase who don't want to change brands.

  • What makes you think your DD1 will only last another year or two?

  • Well, I'm hoping I'm wrong, but just based on the poor feedback so far and the fact mine has already been replaced once in two years. As the guys at Fanatec are also unable to fix the current issues with wheel jolts it's clearly a hardware manufacturing fault.

  • Aaah, now I remember you. And I was thinking who is that guy that has the record on loop with the thrustmaster DD (that is not even announced) in other topics.

    but now I remebered. You are the guy that got in a fight with Maurice and Sasha because you didnt want to underatand what they were explaining you and kept going with your own theories about Simgirls video showing the clutch bite point on a v2 and kept insisting that it was done on a special fanalab thing and kept saying something about marketing...

    wow... you still have the wheelbase. Thought you sold it and moved on. 🤣

  • Yes, still have the wheelbase! So far so good!

    Interesting about the disagreements I had as you mentioned, as it turned out I was right about the DD wheelbase announcements post release etc, but never recieved an apology. Even provided evidence at the time! Nevertheless, we move on. I can't fault Fanatec support at all though and they are very helpful and have nothing to do with the forum and developers here.

    I still use the forum for advice and suggestions from other customers, which helps.

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