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    8 Nm ✅

  • Mad I tried to click on PreOrder and it was taking off the site completely....😒

  • Would have been far better to price the 5nm version at say 400 and the 8nm at say 450.

    Higher power PSU is max 20 euros more to buy.

  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    If the price difference was only $50 literally nobody would but the 5 N m version - everyone would buy the 8 N m version - why would Fanatec put themselves in a position where they make less money?

    Even with the current pricing structure, very few people will buy the 5 N m version - that will only appeal to those with severely constrained budgets; I imagine 70 - 75% buy the 8 N m - maybe more than that. That's why they priced it this way; they are a business, they need to maximise profits from sales - something Fanatec do well. Raising the price of the unappealing product and cutting the price of the attractive product makes zero sense.

    If potential customers think the value propositions is unattractive they can refuse to buy it, in which case the seller may decide to reduce the price to attract sales. This isn't the case here...

  • That's the way it goes... 😁 I am in no hurry. It's like aliexpress. You order something, and weeks/months later you receive a package and wonder what's in it. Feels a bit like xmas.

  • Having such a massive price difference, which is clearly vastly more than the higher power PSU costs, will just piss off most of their customers. This is the last thing any company should do.

    So their customers will look for 3rd party alternatives, which fanatec say voids their warranty. This will be challanged legally and fanatec will loose. Just like car makers can no longer insist you use their parts, to maintain their waranty, as long as 3rd party parts are of the same quality.

    Again, more pissed off customers and lawyers getting rich.

    Real bad idea fanatec!

  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    Yup, customers are pissed off - but they are still buying them like hot cakes - this is not hurting Fanatec.

    The car maker analogy you are trying to use doesn't hold water. You omit the important part - car makers can still refuse warranty claims if they can prove that the third party part that you used directly led to the issue.

    So if you use a third party power supply - and it directly leads to a failure of your wheelbase, Fanatec are within their rights to not repair under warranty. You would have no basis to claim that they are operating unlawfully in doing so.

    However, if, say the QR broke - but electrically the wheel base is still sound - Fanatec would fix your QR under warranty.

  • I suppose it's possible they were waiting for the car to be unveiled, but that time has come and gone as well.

    I'm convinced it's vaporware. Maybe we'll see it next year. The newest factory race car, the M2CS Racing, has its steering wheel available for around $3700. I'm expecting something in that price range.

  • It does hold water, pls read what I wrote "as long as 3rd party parts are of the same quality."

    I've used 3rd party parts on my car and never had an issue with warranty claims. To save about half the price of the DD I'll take the next to zero chance that fanatec can prove that a 3rd party PSU caused the issue.

  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    Can you link to the third party power supply you propose using please?

  • Hi everyone, does someone know the output voltage of the 8nm power supply

  • I suspect this is just a halo product and that they will make a very limited number available to the public, at an outrageous price, just to say it existed. Probably looked good on paper when they announced it, but now that they are making them for the racing team, a few realities are setting in.

    My only hope is that since there are no podium wheels/hubs available on their site right now, maybe they are prepping products for the new QR soon. I guess we'll see what the next 3 weeks brings as Q2 winds down, but given the availability dates on their other steering wheels right now and the total lack of response to questions on the BMW wheel, I am not optimistic 🙄

    Nice to see them expanding their entry level products, but surely they will need to get some updated Podium gear this year too!

  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    I hope for BMW's sake that they didn't outsource the software development to Fanatec. There is a real risk that they will run into issues with unexplained steering jolts, degrees of rotation not as expected and an inability to use telemetry. 😂

  • Lol - and wait until they see how long it takes to get those issues resolved! 😮

  • As the base is not shipping for approx 3-4 months I dont think one exists. I'll have a look closer to shipping date and ammend my order if needs be.

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