Introducing the limited edition ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2021! UPDATE: Sold out!

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Here is the new limited edition ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2021, officially licensed by Formula 1™! As always, we’re limiting the number of units to match the year, so this time there are 2021 units available worldwide.

Glow in the dark.

Phosphorescent material is injected into the new rubber-coated button framings and thumb encoders, allowing them to glow green in a darkened room. Even the front Fanatec logo glows!

Podium Advanced Paddle Module included!

The biggest upgrade for this year is the pre-installed Podium Advanced Paddle Module. This gives you two superbly responsive magnetic paddles on both sides, plus dual analogue paddles that can be used in four modes, including an advanced clutch bite point mode for making the perfect start. The colour combination of 3 mm-thick carbon fibre paddles and black anodised aluminium clutch paddles is exclusive to this wheel. And at 399.95 €/$, this is the best price for the Formula wheel with Podium Advanced Paddle Module we have ever offered (150 €/$ price advantage).

Customisable button caps!

11 customisable black button caps are included, along with the full set of stickers from the ‘Button Caps and Sticker Set’, allowing you to add your personal style to what is already a unique version of our F1 wheel. 

Loaded with tech!

The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2021 remains packed with the same advanced technology as the previous years’ wheels, including multi-colour RevLEDs, FlagLEDs, an OLED display, and a huge number of inputs: thumb encoders, 12-way multi-position switches, 2-way rocker switches… the list goes on. 

Available for pre-order today for 399.95 EUR, 399.95 USD, 629.90 AUD, 54,900 JPY.

The product page will show a counter indicating the number of remaining units in your region. Note that after the counter reaches zero, a small number of units might reappear on the counter as a result of order cancellations.


After only a few hours we are sold out in all regions and all 2021 units are gone.


There are always some cancellations or wrong orders so we might start selling a few units of this product in the next weeks. Check back from time to time to see if there is something available.


  • It looks great, thank you for including the Podium Advanced Paddle Module! Plus, they are color matched (something I complained about before), that's a great change for the limited edition.

  • Well, I really hoped you would release a real replica of a F1 Wheel (smth like the new TM "Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition", or the Porsche wheel u did for the GT3 cars). I mean, its still the same Wheel like it was 2018 just with different paddles. it gets boring now. No innovations anymore.

  • The wheel looks sweet. Especially the green lighting and blacked out clutch pedals.

  • Ahhh I can't believe I missed this, I'm subd to newsletter but it seems twitter was where the first announcement was made 😥

  • Been waiting since last year for this!!! Thanks for putting the podium shifters on this! The glow in the dark is a cool added feature! I would have been happy with just podium and ANY color at this price!!!!!

  • Fred HFred H Member

    What an asinine way to release a "limited" product. I didn't even know this thing existed when I checked about the CSL DD preorder earlier today because of an email I got from Fanatec. Decide to check the site and see if there was anymore info and I see this wheel but they're already sold out! You should maybe release stuff like this at random intervals throughout the day or over a couple days to give people a chance instead of just releasing them all at once. An email to us subscribers with a heads up about this would of been nice too. Unless your camped out all day long on the Fanatec site refreshing it to see whats new you'd probably never see this stuff and have a better chance winning the mega lotto than getting one of these. The wheel looks awesome though and I hope all the scalpers that probably scored one appreciate them before they dump them on eBay at triple the price.

  • A GA G Member

    Thank you for supporting scalpers, Fanatec. Can's wait to see these wheel appear on Ebay for $1,000 and up.

    I was literally waiting to get one sine October and when I opened the page they were all sold out.

    Thought you would take care of your customers better than Nvidia and AMD. But hey, money is money, right?

  • Yes very disappointed ,why do we subscribe?

  • Yup, scalpers are scum of the earth. Already on eBay for sale at double the price. I know it’s not necessarily exactly under their control, but this is what absolutely hurts the community. I don’t know if there’s really anything Fanatec can do about it but I would be interested to know.

  • A GA G Member
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    Here is another one

    And it says 2 available. So seems like they were not even limiting purchases of 1 per customer. Or someone bought from two different account (though that can be tracked too). But bother, right?

    Great job, Fanatec!

  • About the only way to counter scalpers, is to NOT purchase products from third party mark ups, and I don’t mean authorized sellers. I’m talking when it’s clearly way overpriced, compared to what it was sold for from Fanatec. And that still won’t stop scalpers. Honestly it’s not like it’s really even that special, it has the same tech it had since 2018 just different colors. So, it’s up to consumers to not give in and buy it just because. I mean hell, there are Limited Editions all over eBay(the older models) that are trying to sell for up to $1000. Dumb as shit.

  • Just because they're on sale on ebay doesn't mean that people will buy them.

  • Yes, true. That was kind of my point in saying that consumers should NOT buy from third party sellers. But, I’m sure some will sell. The resell prices are ridiculous, I also saw a CSL F1 Bundle that was about $600-$700 from Fanatec being sold for $1000!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous, MARKED UP AND USED!!!!!

  • Rich RaquelRich Raquel Member
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    Yea the lack of newsletter/email was a fatty RIP. I can only hope for bundle discounts and/or an actual newsletter for upcoming releases.

  • A GA G Member

    I do hope most of the scalpers will end up sitting on expensive wheels they won't use and are unable to sell. Would not be surprised if most of the wheels sold were purchased with an intent to resell.

  • I bought to use! Fanatec is the only company in the world making a one hand dual paddle (not rocker) shift option, which I need to fully maximize my speed. The PAPM inclusion made it an insta-buy for me.

  • edited June 2021

    Hello everybody, 66 x F1 2021 Wheel Limited Edition are back in stock (Fanatec US Region) for those who are interested

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